5 Romanian traditional foods you can eat in winter

Every season has its particularities and the Romanian culture adapts to each and every one of them, from the habits the people undertake until the very food they prepare. In this case, in the winter season, the rich meals cooked in the fall from all the land’s bountiful resources get replaced with others, specific for the cold weather, that are meant to not only help you get through it more easily, but offer a specific flavor as well.

So, what are the these specific foods you can eat while visiting the Romanian lands in the winter? Well, let’s take them by turns.

1. Zacusca

You are in Romania in the cold season? You definitely need to eat zacusca. This traditional food is very widespread among Romanians in the winter, being preferred among many when the cold season hits. It is also a perfect choice if you’re a vegetarian, given the fact that it is made totally out of vegetables. You can eat it in many ways: either spread on crust bread, as a topping on rice or sandwich spread. You are free to make your choice, we promise the rich taste remains the same.

Zacusca spread over bread slices
Source: adinahadean.ro

2. Aspic jelly

To be totally in tone with the cold season, you can also ask one of your Romanian friends to serve you with Aspic jelly, they’ll definitely have one around the house. Cooked usually around Christmas, Aspic jelly is one of the dishes frequently met in the Romanian cuisine, made out of pork meat, usually trotters given that they contain a significant portion of connective tissue, or chicken.
Depending on the region you’re travelling to, in order to be sure you’ve asked for the right dish, you can ask your friends to serve you with a portion of racitura or piftie.

Meat jelly in plate
Source: wikipedia.com

3. Stuffed cabbage rolls

This is the dish that made people fall in love with Romanian cuisine. If you haven’t had the chance to try it by now because you haven’t visited Romania in the cold season, now it’s your chance to grab a dish of stuffed cabbage rolls. Having pork meat at its core, the stuffed cabbage rolls are usually rolled in either cabbage, but in certain areas of the country you can find them rolled in vine leaves. Depending on the area you find yourself in, you can try out either one. Bon appetit!

Stuffed cabbage rolls on plate
Source: caietulcuretete.com

4. Boeuf salad

Another dish you can definitely try out for the pleasure of your taste buds is none other than the boeuf salad. It’s usually cooked along chicken or beef soup given that its ingredients consist of the same meat and the vegetables you put along with it. You might wonder what about the name? Well, it’s the French word for beef, and despite being a traditional Romanian dish, it was actually invented by a French chef, thus its name.
It might not be such a high-end cuisine like the French or Italian ones, but it will definitely offer you an out of the box experience, so you definitely need to try it out if you ever find yourself around here in the cold season.

Boeuf / Beef salad
Source: jocooks.com

5. Cracklins

Another type of food you can definitely try once you visit the Romanian lands in the cold season are none other than cracklins. Made out of pork skin, fat and meat, cracklins are a type of food you’ll definitely find in the Romanian cuisine, that can be seasoned with some onion or garlic next to it, something you’ll find a lot of Romanians doing… and well, eating, of course.


Source: savoriurbane.com
Source: savoriurbane.com

So, what do you say? Tasty enough for you? If you are not sure about it, why don’t you come on over and give it a try? You never know what surprise awaits you at the end of the other side of the table. Some tasty cracklins or a piece of bread with some zacusca spread all over it can be part of your next culinary adventure.

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