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Why travel bespoke?

Time is precious.

Free time priceless.

Why not spend it your way?

We don’t copy or recycle tours. Every one of them is created for you. We think this is the only way to truly travel.Take a married couple; the partners can be quite different. One enjoys being active. The other loves fishing and spending more time in one place. One gets bored if he has to stay for too long in one place. She gets tired if they are too active. Now think of a family; or of a small group!

When you travel with us, we care about differences. That’s what a bespoke trip is all about. It’s not an easy job to factor in all the details. But free time is priceless, so why not use it just like you want?

View of the Carpathians from the church tower in Cincsor © Warren Singh-Bartlett

What do we offer?

The simple answer to that: almost anything you can imagine.

Your bespoke trip to Romania can include almost anything you want.What we always include for our guests is accommodation in locations tested by us personally, transportation in private cars, and professional guiding from arrival to departure.

A word about your guide… During your stay in Romania you’ll always have a professional guide accompanying you. He’ll probably be your driver, too.

But he is not a guide in the typical sense. He won’t intrude or impose in any way. You’re free to involve him as much – or as little – as you’d like.

You can add anything you wish: meals, activities, entrances, special experiences, private meals, exclusive access, encounters with locals, and a lot more.

Enjoy local food, make some yourself © Cristina Marin

One of the loveliest spots in Transylvania ©Cincsor Guesthouses

How does it work?

You need to tell us what you enjoy doing.

Because you are our guest in Romania, the way you will spend your time will be unique, created just for you.

So first we need you to tell us about yourself…when you want to travel…how long you can stay…what you like and don’t like…if there’s anything you want to see, or do…and a lot more besides.Within 2 days you receive our detailed, bespoke itinerary – crafted especially for you.

Then – together – we keep refining it until it’s exactly what you want.

You can go walking…hiking, horseback riding…biking- even sit on top of a hay stack in a cart pulled by horses.

Maybe you like adventures. If you do, how about climbing in the Carpathians, or diving in underground rivers inside caves?

Perhaps culture and history are more your thing. Romania has a wealth of museums…galleries…fortresses…castles…churches…sometimes even whole villages will enrich your knowledge of Romania.

And our cities are perfect for going out eating…dancing…music festivals…go-karting…golfing…and anything else you can think of.

One thing our guests always tell us is that they love the food in Romania – I’m sure you will, too. Some can’t get enough of Romanian polenta, others loved the vegetable soups.

And everyone took home some Romanian wine and strong Romanian fruit schnapps – be careful though, it can be 50% alcohol.

Start planning your bespoke tour to Romania now! You’re one step away from starting your adventure. Enter your email below
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