The Best Nightlife in Europe: Bucharest

We all love to party from time to time, and choosing to travel to a place with a wild nightlife is a great idea, especially if we are celebrating something. Imagine having a bachelor party in a place where everything closes at 10pm. Not the perfect destination, right?

Many of you think about Berlin or Leipzig when they want to plan an entertaining holiday, but the truth is that there are many less famous, but definitely not less memorable, destinations for party enthusiasts, and one of them is Bucharest, the lively capital of Romania.

Locals and visitors have the chance to enjoy long nights in one of the numerous ( more than 1000) pubs, bars or clubs that keep their doors open until late at night.

Whether you enjoy a good old-fashioned party in a pub, or you want to go wild in a high-class club while listening to famous DJs, Bucharest has everything you can think of. And guess what? The prices don’t even compare to what you would pay in cities like Berlin.

Everybody’s Favorite Cocktail Bar: Interbelic

Interbelic is a place many locals love partying at. It used to be a hidden cocktail bar that became one of the most famous places in town. Not only does it have delicious cocktails on its menu, but the decor and atmosphere are also exactly what you need in order to have an unforgettable time. Last, but not least, the people you will meet here are really, really cool!

Interbelic Cocktail Bar

The Landmark for Great Music: Fratelli

In all cities, there is a bar or a club, or even both were all the rich and good looking people hang out in order to see and of course, to be seen. Well, Fratelli is the place where rich Romanian kids of all ages come to play while listening to some of the best DJs, wearing designer clothes and drinking expensive liqueurs. This is definitely a must if you are into upmarket clubs!

Fratelli Club


With excellent cocktails and decent food, an interesting decor and really good music, Entourage is the place where locals who love to socialize meet. The music is fantastic and not too loud, giving people the chance to chat with each other. It’s a great place, especially for people who travel alone and want to spend the night having a great conversation with a local, instead of dancing until the next day.

Nomad Skybar

Located in the lively Old Center, together with other great pubs and clubs, Nomad is my favorite place to dance in Bucharest. Though not really a skybar since it’s located on the second floor, Nomad is not a club but a fantastic dancing bar, where great music meets tasty drinks as well as qualitative people of all ages. No matter how old you are, you will definitely have fun at Nomad Skybar!

Control Club

Control is where the hipsters gather in order to party till the sunrise. With an outdoor bar, good drinks, friendly prices, as well as some really great concerts, this the place where not only you will have a lot of  fun, but there is always a good chance to meet some extremely interesting people!

Control Club

These are just a few of the thousand places where you can spend a wild night in Bucharest. Keep in mind that, unlike other cities, Bucharest never sleeps and you can always continue dancing, singing and mingling at an after party. So, are you ready to have some real fun?

–  by Ana Maria Ionita

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