Discover Romania’s Regions
Beusnita Bigar Waterfall © Cristian Tzecu

What you should know about Banat

The mix of cultures and ethnic diversity is one of Banat’s greatest points of interest. The region has been influenced by Hungary and Serbia, as well as Romania, making for a fascinating history.
Just three hours from Budapest and five from Vienna, Banat’s capital of Timisoara is one of the closest places in the country to the Western part of Europe. As a result the region can be easily discovered as part of a cruise on the Danube or a trip around Central Europe, for example.
Banat is a largely flat agricultural region, but don’t let that put you off. Some terrific wineries, thermal resorts and some smaller mountain ranges, plus the Danube Clisura gorge and pass can all be found in this surprising corner of Romania.
  1. Take time to explore the Nera Gorge National Park, home to, among others Bigar Waterfall, perennially nominated amongst the world’s most unique waterfalls. Go rafting, climbing, hiking, and take a hot air balloon excursion.
  2. Enjoy wines from Minis – one of the region’s oldest wineries, dating back from the 19th century – or from Recas, Petrovaselo and Silagiu, whose products are equally quaffable.
  3. Although more than a little affected by the passage of the years, Baile Herculane is still worth a visit. One of the best and oldest thermal resorts in the world, you will be rewarded if you take the time to walk around. And for the caving enthusiasts there are plenty of opportunities in the area.
  4. Take the train from Oravita to Anina to enjoy one of the most beautiful trips by rail in South East Europe.
  5. Take a boat to discover the Danube as it borders with Serbia.
  6. Enjoy a weekend in Timisoara, discover its restaurants, cafés, galleries, and parks. If you wish, take a local guide and venture on a walking tour to learn about the history of the city through centuries of change.