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Winter traditions from Udesti © Lacramioara Georgeta

What you should know about Bucovina

Even though Bucovina is one of the smallest regions in Romania, it’s not easy to forget once visited. Located in the northeast part of the country, across the mountains from Maramures, the 10,500 square-kilometre area is covered with beautiful villages, lovely groves of beech trees and, of course, its uniquely painted monasteries.
If you are looking for some peaceful days filled with hospitable locals, good food and time to chill out and reflect, Bucovina is the place to be.
  1. The painted monasteries are a must while traveling here. Masterpieces inspired by Byzantine art, they tell visual stories about the past, often showing important moments from the history of Christianity, or tales from the Bible. Eight of them are under UNESCO protection.
  2. Painting eggs for Easter is taken very seriously in Bucovina. Every year Easter eggs are turned into works of art by the skilled craftspeople from this area. You can see these masterpieces while visiting the egg museums or attend an egg-painting workshop to challenge your skills.
  3. Besides egg-painting, the artists from Bucovina also master the art of molding clay – the black pottery being the most famous, glass painting, traditional masks crafting or carpet weaving. Pay them a visit and learn more about these ancient traditions.
  4. If you are a nature lover, you definitely have to take a walk in Calimani National Park, which contains the biggest volcanic crater in the country. For more adventure, you can try hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding.
  5. Take a driving tour and stop in the village-museum Ciocanesti, to see the beautiful painted houses.
  6. You can’t really know a place without meeting its people and trying their food. So you definitely have to taste the local cuisine, complemented with homemade schnapps.