Discover Romania’s Regions
View from Bratca, Crisana © Andrei Posmosanu

What you should know about Crisana

North of Banat, Crisana is another Romanian region little-known to travelers, but certainly worth exploring.
With its capital in Oradea, Crisana borders Transylvania, sharing with it the Apuseni Mountains. The Oradea fortress was built at the end of the 16th century by Italian architects and it remains one of the most beautiful of its kind on Central and Eastern Europe.
The truly magnificent parts of the region reside in the mountainous areas. Caves, glaciers, waterfalls, scenic hiking routes, and sleepy villages, with houses spread among mountain slopes; Crisana has it all, and more.
  1. Walk around Oradea and learn about its history and culturally diverse population.
  2. Meet a local chef and have a meal prepared in the hills between Oradea and Cluj.
  3. Go hiking and explore some of the many caves in the Apuseni National Park. Its Alpine plants offer a splendid experience for anyone interested in the beauty of nature.
  4. Venture into the Galbenei Gorge for days of adventure on the river and the surrounding canyon.
  5. Discover the Ponor Fortress, the largest karst complex in Romania and a spectacular area for explorers.
  6. Although just partially in Crisana, do visit Arad with its Viennese-style center and the beautiful park by the Mures river.
  7. Attend local markets, fairs and festivals throughout the area.
  8. If possible, travel in the off-season to learn about local traditions and the pastimes people have during the short, cold days of winter.