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We, Alexandra, Giulio and Raluca first met in 2009. Raluca and Alexandra were good friends since their days as students in Bremen, Germany, and Alexandra had recently met and fallen in love with Giulio. The rest is history.

Our friendship is based on the fact that we share similar values, believe in the same things, and aim towards the same goals. As we have grown older we have only come to realize how important each of these things is to us. Needless to say, we have a lot of fun working together, in fact, it never feels like work!

In 2015, as our business grew, our team also got bigger. Andreea started working with us in the spring of 2015, then Laura joined in early 2016. They both not only share the philosophy of our business but are developing it with their own experiences. We now have an established office in Timisoara and one in Bucharest with team members constantly travelling between the two but also spending time on the road doing research.

Raluca Spiac

Raluca returned to Romania and started (re)discovering her country beyond everything negative that she heard during the 9 years spent abroad (and which you end up believing EVEN if you are Romanian!).

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Giulio Da Sacco

Giulio is Italian, born and raised in the region of Verona and Venice, learning to be a guide since he was 12 years old.

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Alexandra Da Sacco

Alexandra was born and raised in Romania, but traveled extensively while studying and working in Germany, Singapore and France.

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Andreea Dobre

Andreea is Romanian, but likes more to say that she is a Homo sapiens, a citizen of the planet Earth, since she thinks nationality shouldn’t matter much.

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Laura Boldovici

Laura is a Romanian born and bred, but studied for a while in Italy, where she was for the first time exposed to different cultures, from all around the world.

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