The sweetest pen pal we’ve ever had

Our main job is to be in touch with people. Whether it’s you, future guests, or our partners, we spend most of our time in contact with people. Part of the reason we really like what we do is this constant contact with people, with you.

We get the best of you; we get that side of you that dreams of your next trip. We get the child in you who plans his/her next adventure to an exotic land. We get to exchange e-mails and talk to the adventurous and playful side of each one of you. And that is just fantastic!

But we’ve recently had a unique experience with probably the youngest person to ever write to us.

It all started with an e-mail written by a mother on behalf of her daughter, Brooke. She was asking if Brooke could send a message to Dracula and get a reply.

While the Count was not to be found, I could only promise to send an answer on his behalf, from us. And so, weeks later we got this lovely letter from Brooke and her mom.

Seeing Dracula might be a problem…he never comes to work. Source: BD

It was right before Halloween and I have a hunch Brooke dressed up as a scary vampire. She sent her love to Dracula and drew a heart with teeth on it.

We wrote back, send her some postcards and promised to pass the message to Dracula when he stops by our office.

Last week we got a reply. This time not only the Count got a card from Brooke; I did too. And a gift: a bracelet with the shape of the state of Texas. Now both I and Dracula have a friend somewhere in Texas thinking of us and sending us love and hearts with teeth.

I got a longer letter than Dracula…and a better gift 😉 Source: BD

You know we love creating memorable experiences for you when you visit Romania. You also know we love making these experiences special even before you come to visit Romania by sending you hand written postcards. But writing to Brooke and her mom was just special. Can you imagine her face when getting mail from her favorite character, Dracula?

About Raluca Spiac

Raluca travels around Romania looking for the best places to visit, unique itineraries, the most welcoming pensions and hotels, the restaurants with the best food and ambiance. She is also searching for people truly passionate about Romania whether they are guides, business owners, artisans, musicians, photographers, or simple people playing their part in their communities.

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