John and Margaret N. (UK)

It was a wonderful experience. We wish we had been able to visit your country when we were a little younger.

Shondell and Ed S. (USA)

Beyond Dracula allowed us to experience the things we were hoping to see and do in Romania as well as planning activities that never appear in the tour books…things we didn’t even know existed.

Jurriaan G. (The Netherlands)

Thirteen of us chose Romania for a trip we always do together. We’re friends since college and enjoy spending time together doing fun things, being outdoors, getting to know new countries. We spent 10 days in Romania and loved every second of it. From the country itself to the activities that the Beyond Dracula team put together, it was such a fun ride. It just passed too quickly!

John S. (US)

The tour was really well thought out.  All housing was great and the highlight was the particularly smart and knowledgeable guide who shepherded us.  Other highlights for me were the opportunities to meet interesting people and not just museums and churches.

Toni R. (US)

I have begun to advertise a trip to Romania to all my friends. I only wish I could hike, ride a bike. It is a gorgeous countryside. I would go again!!!

Rodica W. (US)

The exceptional team at Beyond Dracula designed a memorable, and impeccably executed 8-day journey for four of us, from Bucharest through the glorious countryside of Transylvania, to towns and villages that felt as if they were storybook illustrations. I had visited other regions of Romania on my own before, in search of family roots, but my companions were making their first trip.

We visited ancient citadels, walled towns, tiny villages, and medieval castles, (including Bran, the “Dracula castle,” of course). The team had arranged a gentle horseback ride so that we could experience the beauty of the Carpathian mountains, and timed a few of our village visits so that we could leisurely wander through local markets—where we were the only tourists. We never felt as though we were “on tour,” because we had the chance to spontaneously meet the local people (thanks to our great, bi-lingual guide who seemed to know everyone). One day I expressed an interest in local honey, and less than an hour later we were knocking on the door of a master beekeeper’s house and invited to his back terrace to sample an incredible array of his honeys!

Our accommodations were an amazing showcase of Romania’s trend to transform traditional village houses into ultimately comfortable, luxurious, B & Bs, while proudly preserving the regional artisanal heritage. These fantastic little “museums” are furnished with handcrafted beds and dressers, all painted with regional motifs, and lovingly decorated with family heirlooms, such as weavings and pottery. All of them have gardens, and much of the food on our dining tables came straight from that morning’s harvest. As a finale, we were guests at a 19 th century hunting estate, high elegance in the midst of a thick forest. We even had the chance to visit a mountain bear hide our last evening; after driving back down the mountainside, we were welcomed to dinner in a lavish, candlelit room.

And then there was the food… our meals were just delicious, all homemade, traditional, refined, and prepared with fresh, local ingredients, from beautiful produce and cured meats to the local cheeses.

Our trip was a beautiful combination of seamlessly planned details and spontaneous moments—and we’re all pretty sure there was magic involved to make it happen. If you’re looking for an unforgettable—and new—travel experience in Europe, go to Romania. And go with Beyond Dracula!

Rodolfo R. (Mexico)

I was greatly surprised by what Romania has to offer, my main goal was to taste and learn about the Romanian wines, totally recommend it, no matter your tastes in wine and travel, amazing landscapes, wonderful people and culture. Thank you Beyond Dracula!

Leana G. (US)

The best part of the trip was discovering that Romania is truly a vibrant and beautiful place {…} What I discovered was a truly beautiful country that was full of elegance, grace, natural beauty and lovely warm people. It has filled me with such pride for my heritage.

Meg H. (US)

Beyond Dracula provided me with an excellent travel experience.

Ben A. (Belgium)

I didn’t expect the scenery. The locations. You guys. The horse.

Mary Ann H. (US)

I did not expect, over a month later, to still be thinking so much about Romania,mentally replaying sights and events, missing the scenery so much. I really did not know what to expect in Romania–which is one of the main reasons I took this trip. To me, you are more than travel agents; you are my friends.

Mouna M. (Lebanon)

I was completely surprised by what I saw of Romania as a whole. As a destination, Romania was never on my bucket-list but the country seduced me beyond my wildest imagination. I was very moved by the pervasive melancholy of its deep, diverse and violent history. The beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania are epic and I felt transported and energized. Having been to many destinations in the world I felt jaded and thought nothing would surprise me ever again but I was wrong. It is a country worth exploring fully. The landscapes, the people, the food, the hospitality and friendships I gained in one short week are nothing short of miraculous.

Irene (Italy)

I wasn’t expecting Romania to be so beautiful. The landscapes, people, cities… I didn’t know Romania had such a history behind her!

Giulia (Italy)

The food and drinks were perfect, before I didn’t even know how Romanian food was, but now I can say that they have such good desserts!

Ana Luiza P., Sao Paulo (Brazil)

We don’t have much information about Romania in Brazil, except for Dracula. I was fascinated by Transylvania’s landscape, its fauna and flora. And I was surprised by the people. It’s not that I didn’t expect it, but as much as I have read about the country’s traditions and history, I could have never been prepared for the Romanian kindness and affection. I never thought I could feel myself at home in the small villages, but once I was there, I didn’t want to leave.

Sarah B., London (UK)

I couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful landscapes! I didn’t expect the amazing valleys. The English think it is all forests and mountains! The Saxon villages were delightful.

Lyn de T., London (UK)

…you are part of a really beautiful country with amazing potential that has touched my heart! So thank you again for everything.

Joe K. (US)

I really like the fact that the trip is personalized. It allows you to experience Romania the way you want to. {…} Childhood fantasies turned reality! I experienced the culture and visited the mysterious land of Transylvania. Just as I imagined when reading about it as a kid!

Marcus & Claire, London (UK)

We have been around the world, skydived, scuba dived, done the world’s largest bungee, rode along the coastal road in Cape Town on a Harley Davidson, hate touristy places and yet enjoy tea at the Savoy; you could say we are quite demanding clients. Yet we felt like we had traveled back in time and experienced the last unspoiled mountains and countryside in Europe; then we dashed across it on horseback and through the Transfagarasan pass in a Ferrari, supported by the best guide we have ever experienced. Whatever you can think of these guys deliver and with great service. Don’t mind bucket list stuff – thank you Beyond Dracula.

Edda E., Perth (Australia)

…we were very impressed with our whole trip in Romania and will happily and without reservation recommend you on to anyone we know who wants to travel in your region of the world. We will certainly come back to you when we return to Romania!