Top 5 Activities for a Fall Holiday in Romania

Romania is one of the most beautiful Eastern European countries offering travellers from all over the world a rich history, interesting culture, breathtaking landscapes, delicious foods and never ending parties. Romania is definitely one of those intriguing countries that let modernism conquer its lands, but, at the same time, allowed old traditions to survive.

Whether you choose to pay a visit in spring or autumn, summer or winter, there are always many interesting things to do, festivals to attend and traditional celebrations to be part of. However, each season has its special aspects.

Autumn in Romania is absolutely gorgeous. Not only does it come with a mild weather ( though sometimes rainy)and fascinating colors but it also brings delicious foods and traditional drinks since this is the time foods are harvested.

The Red Lake
Photo Credits: Cristina Marin

If you are planning a fall holiday in Romania, here are a few things you can do in order to have an unforgettable vacation.

Get Closer to the Busy Romanian Capital, Bucharest

Bucharest is a fantastic city and the best time to explore it is definitely autumn. I spent many years in this charming European capital so believe me when I say that summer is too hot, winter is too cold and spring is too unpredictable.

Caru cu Bere, Bucharest
Photo credits: Noi Media

Now, what can a traveller do in autumn, in Bucharest? Well, you can begin by acting like a real tourist and check out the museums in the city. My favorite is by far the Village Museum,  an open-air ethnographic museum located in the Herăstrău, a charming park every visitor should explore. As I said before, the autumn colors are absolutely amazing so spending time outside is a great idea. Besides the fabulous parks like the already mentioned Herastrau or the amazing Cismigiu, there are also many terraces where you can relax and enjoy a delicious drink or a tasty dish. My choice is always Eden Garden, a fantastic place located in the central area.

There are also many activities like escape rooms or interesting cultural events in parks, bars or coffee shop you can attend. And of course, you can always have some fun in the Old Centre or in one of the fancy clubs in Bucharest. The city is famous for its parties, after all.

Get in Touch with Art and Religion in Picturesque Bucovina

In the north of Romania, there is a region called Bucovina, which is famous for some of the most picturesque landmarks of the country. The Monasteries of Bucovina definitely deserve a visit since they are not only religious places but they are also fascinating traditional art representations. The best-preserved are at Moldovita, Suceava, Voronet and Sucevita,  Probota, Patrauti.

Admire the Natural Beauty and Understand Old-Century Traditions in Maramures

If you are given the chance to go to northwestern Romanian region of Maramures, you should take it. The breathtaking villages with their lovely people who managed to preserve century-old traditions as part of their usual lives, their delicious foods as well as the hospitality and good will you are welcomed with will make your Romanian fall vacation really hard to forget. While you are here, check out the famous Merry Cemetery, where humorous verses are carved on the wooden crosses and have an adventure with narrow gauge steam train, called Mocanita.

Attend a Traditional Festival

There are numerous festivals, ancient celebrations and religious holidays in Romania and in many parts of the country people really preserve their traditions. Depending on your vacation dates as well as on which part of Romania you plan to visit, you might have the chance to attend one of the many interesting festivals and celebrations.

For instance, if you plan to wander around Transylvania, you should check out the September Bran Annual Cheese and Cured Mutton Festival “Ravasitul Oilor”. It’s all about food, folklore and celebrating the shepherds’ return from the alpine transhumance. I loved it!

– by Ana Maria Ionita

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