What to expect when you travel to Transylvania

While traveling to Transylvania to research some properties we work with, Laura, our newest team member, pondered never returning to work in the city. Although she is Romanian and knows what our country has to offer, she was still surprised by what she found. Read below to learn more.

“Remote villages, scenic country roads that take your breath away, velvety hills with sheep grazing on the lush green pastures… All of these I did expect to see, and my expectations were met above and beyond. What I didn’t expect was the family I found there. From the “mother” who always cares how you slept, who will give you an extra piece of cake with your coffee, the “father” who is always happy to share with you the history of the place, to the “cousins” who, just like you, are curious and eager to explore and enjoy all these wonders.

A corner of Transylvania, Source: Cristina Marin
A corner of Transylvania, Source: Cristina Marin

The food was also unexpected. No matter how full you are, there’s always something else that you simply have to taste: another pie, another type of cheese, another glass of sour cherry brandy. And all the dishes are home cooked with ingredients that are locally produced.

By the end of my time there, I was considering leaving my beloved home city and moving to a tiny Transylvanian village, buying a bike and a goat and learning how to bake. What more could one want in life? “

Road in Transylvania, Source: BD
Road in Transylvania, Source: BD

About Raluca Spiac

Raluca travels around Romania looking for the best places to visit, unique itineraries, the most welcoming pensions and hotels, the restaurants with the best food and ambiance. She is also searching for people truly passionate about Romania whether they are guides, business owners, artisans, musicians, photographers, or simple people playing their part in their communities.

3 thoughts on “What to expect when you travel to Transylvania

  1. I have to say that it sounds there are some really friendly people in Transylvania. Growing up, I think that just about everyone lets the stories of Dracula darken their perception of Transylvania, so it’s good to hear that it is a very friendly place. I think that it would be great to take a tour through Transylvania to meet some people and try some new food. I’ll have to see if a trip to Transylvania is something I can do in the future. Thanks for the great perspective!

    1. Theodore, I am glad you enjoyed the article and it made you consider a visit. Transylvania has very little to nothing to do with vampires and Dracula but it’s all about beautiful landscapes, extremely friendly and welcoming people, delicious food and plenty of other things worth discovering. Get in touch anytime you want to come, we’d be happy to plan your own bespoke trip around Transylvania.

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