Taste Your Way Around the World: Romania

We are all different from one another, we enjoy doing different activities, our preferences are not always the same, and we never see things in a similar way. But we all want to get to know the places we travel to, as well as to understand cultures and traditions.  To do that we must get closer to people, and we all know that besides music, what gets us closer to each other is usually what’s on the table: local food.

So, if you plan to travel to Romania, besides getting in touch with its history and culture, you should also taste your way around the cities and the villages you visit. Since Romania offers its visitors an incredible culinary experience, your expectations will definitely be met.

Not only that the Romanian cuisine is fantastic, but it is also intriguing since it is a delicious mixture of flavors gathered from all the traditions people came in contact with, before building its own character. So, you will be served dishes that might have influences from the Ottoman, German, Serbian, Bulgarian and Hungarian cuisines.

Start a Perfect Meal with a Peasant’s Platter

All great meals begin with a delicious starter, don’t they? While in Romania, you have a diversity of options, but by far the best one is the famous Peasant’s Platter, which is available in all traditional restaurants. The great part is that it offers foodies a delicious combination of tastes, so you kind of get the chance to taste your way around Romanian starters.

Photo credits @Cristina Marin

What exactly does the Peasant Platter bring? Well, you get fresh Romanian cheese, as well as the tangy cheese we call “burduf”, homemade sausages, head cheese, local bacon, pork scratchings, tomatoes and onions. This sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Of course, you will enjoy these delicacies with homemade bread. In addition, I would also order some tasty eggplant salad.

Romanians Can’t Live without Their “Ciorba”

When I was a child I was always told that I would never grow up if I didn’t eat my “ciorba”. This is how mandatory this dish is!

Photo credits @Cristina Marin

“Ciorba” is what Romanian people call their soups, which mainly consist of various vegetables and meat. Since most people eat a “ciorba” a day and if they skip a few days they begin feeling sick,  there is no way you come to Romania and don’t taste a few of the traditional soups.

One of the core soups in Romania is made of beans and smoked meat. It is delicious and most people eat it with fresh onion. Another really special soup that I only ate in Romania is the peculiar, but really tasty tripe soup. A bit sour and spicy, this is what many people eat to get rid of a hangover. So, whether you have a hangover or not, you must have a sip! Don’t be fooled by its yellowish colour because it’s delicious!

“The Best Vegetable is Fresh Pork Meat” 

Romania is the country of meat-lovers. There are many vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants, but the most delicious traditional meals are made with meat. People here even joke around saying that “the best vegetable is fresh pork meat” and the truth is that Romanian really love eating pork. No wonder one of the best main courses in this beautiful country is called Pomana Porcului (Pork Feast). If you order this, you get fresh meat fried in fat and served together with pickles and polenta. Might raise your cholesterol level but it is absolutely mouthwatering!

Another interesting pork part you should eat while in Romania is the pork rind, called sorici. It is actually the skin collected from softer parts of the pig and served uncooked or boiled with garlic. Last, but definitely not least, don’t even think about leaving the country without eating pork scratchings. They are a delicious aperitif especially when you add warm bread and fresh onion.

These are just a few of the many delicious Romanian foods, but you would need more than one visit to try them all since the dishes differ from one region to another. Well then, “Pofta buna!” (Bon Appetit!).

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